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At Bon Appetit, it is our business is to provide the nations workforce 24/7 access to hot, tasty and nutritious food, through our low cost, automated hot food catering service. Delivered through the latest in frozen vending machine, scanner microwave and contactless payment technology, we are driven to in provide the best possible hot food vending service for your employees and visitors.

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Personally, since working with Bon Appetit, I have been impressed with how closely they work with you, firstly in helping locate the optimal site for the machine, and then throughout the service, the remote monitoring & reporting has helped me keep track of machine performance and the ongoing account management and servicing of the machine has also been excellent

Mark Brett, Head of Facilities Management, Estates & Facilities Services, Anglia Ruskin University

Angela Ruskin University

The Challenge
  • Anglia Ruskin wanted to provide a 24/7 wrap-around hot
    food service for their canteen, which while popular with
    both students and staff closed at 7 pm Monday to Friday
    and was also out of service all weekend.
  • They found that the students who studied throughout the
    evening wanted an on-site option for hot food to help save
    time when they needed to take a break from studying and
    cut out the need to walk or cycle to the nearest shops and
    hot food outlets.
  • The student and staff demand was for a diverse option of
    hot grab & go items such as breakfast muffins and
    cheeseburgers, while also providing enough vegetarian
    options for the current growth in vegetarians for 18 to 25
    year olds.

The Solution

We installed a Bon Appetit Vending machine with a cashless payment system, a cabinet, 2 x barcode scanner commercial microwaves, cutlery and a bespoke 24/7 badged housing unit.

We decided to locate the machine on the ground floor directly outside their main canteen, Helmore restaurant. Locating the machine in the main thoroughfare, we also put up marketing literature throughout the university in Freshers week alongside ‘freshers week’ price promotions to help make students aware of our 24/7 hot food service.

The machine has been hugely successful since its installation in 2017 with a large percentage of vends occurring between 8pm – 2am alongside a popular breakfast service with our McDonalds style breakfast muffins. Mark Brett, Anglia Ruskin – head of facilities expands on the universities decision to have a second machine within the campus ;“I have found the Bon Appetit solution has served Anglia Ruskin University very well. So much so, we now have two machines within our Cambridge site. The machines have been very popular for both students and staff, especially ‘out of hours’ when the canteen is closed”

Musgrove Park Hospital

The Challenge

The CQUIN requirements through NHS England gave clear direction to Musgrove Park and other hospitals to have the ability to provide a 24/7 food and drink service available to staff and visitors, as part of its drive to improve staff health & wellbeing. This need was to include healthy options so a balance of food choices were available at all times.


The Solution
Bon Appetit installed its self managed hot food vending service into Musgrove Park Hospital, which is now one of over 50 NHS hospitals that enjoy the service. Two key benefits are:

  1. The service offers a wide range of high quality, healthy and tasty hot food choices with now over 85% of the food selections available being ‘healthier choices’.
  2. The service is effectively cost free, as the rental costs are covered from the financial incentive available to the hospital from satisfying CQUINS 1b.

How well has the Bon Appetit service been received by staff and the Trust?
Overall, the Trust has been delighted with the service provided; communication and signage has supported the initiative to ensure that staff in all areas have accessibility to the service. The pricing structure is competitive and the card / tap and go facility is essential to minimise the need of carrying cash at all times.

How well has the menu been received?
The menu choice has improved over the past few months; at the beginning of the agreement there was too much reliance on pastry products but this had developed with the use of the meals from the Healthy Food Company. Customers making choices want value for money and also information on calorie count and allergies. Food choice availability is vital if we are to meet requirements and expectations of our customers and the joint initiative between Musgrove and Bon Appetit has supplied a catering solution that fits the bill!

What has been your experience of the service received from Bon Appetit?
Achieving a balance of stock is always difficult but the Bon Appetit team have been very flexible in deliveries and any maintenance issues that have arisen have been dealt with effectively.

Would you recommend the hot food vending service to your NHS Facilities and Catering colleagues?
I have and will continue to recommend the service but it is important that improvements continue to ensure that high standards are maintained.

case study hot food vending-machine

Overall, the Trust has been delighted with the service provided… as long as there is continual improvement, I have and will continue to recommend the service

Philip Shelley, Facilities Manager, Musgrove Park
Hospital, Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

princess royal hospital case study

I would like to thank all your team for being such a good service provider. Since you came on board our hot food vending is such a success

Snezana Medic, Operations Manager,
Princess Royal University Hospital

Princess Royal University Hospital

The Challenge

The challenge at the Princess Royal was an interesting one in which the site was already using a hot food vending service, so although they had already bought in to the idea and solution, they were not happy with their current supplier at the time.

Bon Appetit needed to improve two main aspects of a ‘out of hours’ hot food vending service that the current supplier was not providing:

  1. The range of products available, particularly products to
    satisfy the ‘healthy options’ as required by CQUINS.
  2. In response to the need you can spell out how we
    satisfied the challenge with our fully managed service with
    telemetry, and our 38 item menu that is 85% healthier

The Solution

We installed an ‘A La Carte’ vending machine with a cashless payment system, a cabinet, 2 x barcode scanner commercial microwaves, cutlery and a bespoke 24/7 badged housing unit. Our installation team set up the machine next to the entrance of the main hospital restaurant thus giving access to both hospital staff and the general public.

The machine was also fitted with remote management software telemetry, providing cloud based sales data to an online web portal allowing Bon Appetit HQ remote access to see how the machine is performing in ‘real time’ allowing the client manager to see when the machine needed to be restocked and with what food items.

The need for an increased range of products was met by our Crane A La Carte machine, holding 27 different food selections offering high quality and tasty food 24/7. While the work Bon Appetit has done in satisfying CQUIN 1B meant that the service allowed for 85% of the food selections available being ‘healthier choices’.

The appreciation from ISS Mediclean operating at the Princess Royal was summed up by Snezana Medic, Operations manager at the Princess Royal – ‘I would like to thank all your team for being such a good service provider. Since you came on board our hot food vending is such a success’.

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