Bon Appetit provide their 24/7 automated hot food catering service across 6 sectors offering choice and flexibility to all of our clients, with over 40 food products and machine configuration options to suit the tastes and needs of a client’s employees

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Bon Appetit have worked closely with the NHS and satisfy the mandatory CQUINS 1b target, which looks to improve staff health and wellbeing 85% of our products classifed as a ‘healthier choice’.

We now provide a 24/7 wrap around catering service to over 70 NHS hospitals in the UK.

Popular Bon Appetit products with our health clients include:

health nhs vending food

industrial vending machine services


Bon Appetit understand that workers in the manufacturing and industrial sector need hot and tasty food that will give them energy before, during or after their shifts which are often moving to a more continental shift pattern.

We provide huge manufacturing operations across the UK such as Nestle and Rolls Royce with the Bon Appetit service.

Popular Bon Appetit products with our industrial clients include:

industrial vending food samples

vending machine services for logistics and distribution

Logistics and distribution

The UK has seen a huge growth in the logistics and distribution sector and we have worked with some of the biggest companies in the industry including Amazon and Eddie Stobart to provide a 24/7 automated catering solution that provides the best food options for their drivers and warehouse staff.

Popular Bon Appetit products with our logistics and distribution clients include:

logistics distribution vending food

vending machines for education and catering


The Bon Appetit hot food vending solution is a perfect 24/7 wrap-around catering solutions for universities that need to provide their students with tasty hot food when their restaurants and shops are closed.

Often placed near a campus library or ‘out of hours’ restaurant, Bon Appetit help provide thousands of students up and down the country with delicious hot food.

Popular Bon Appetit products with our education clients include:

education catering vending machine hire

office and workspace vending machine services


Bon Appetit provide a cost effective solution, typically less than 15p per head of staff per day to workspaces throughout the UK.

Companies that use the Bon Appetit service provide their offices a catering solution that is convenient and speedy providing office workers with tasty food that provides healthy options for the health conscious and a great variety and choice in the food offering.

Popular Bon Appetit products with our workspace clients include:

office and workspace vending food

construction industry food vending services


Bon Appetit are able to work with the main contractors and caterers on some of the UK’s largest construction projects.

Our machines can be used to provide hot food for construction workers 24/7, and taking the pressure off staff canteens on larger sites at busy times.

Popular Bon Appetit products with our construction clients include:

vending food for construction business

Our clients include

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