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The UK’s number one hot food service for the workplace

At Bon Appetit, it is our business is to provide the nations workforce 24/7 access to hot, tasty and nutritious food, through our low cost, automated hot food catering service. Delivered through the latest in frozen vending machine, scanner microwave and contactless payment technology, we are driven to in provide the best possible hot food vending service for your workforce.

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The Beginning

Bon Appetit was founded by Keith Pordum in 2004. The launch followed two years of research and development after identifying a gap in the ‘workplace consumption’ market for a low cost, high quality, 24/7, hot food vending service. By combining Bon Appetit’s unique food products and the latest in vending technology, Bon Appetit’s 24/7 virtual restaurant experience was realized.

Our Growth

Since the start, Bon Appetit has met the challenge in helping business & industry as well as the NHS with rising catering costs and the increase in continental, evening and weekend shift patterns in the work place. We have experienced a huge demand for our service, that satisfies the key trends and needs of this semi-captive audience, primarily the need for healthy, quality food, available anytime, which you can simply heat and eat in minutes.

Bon Appetit now provide our service to companies such as Amazon, Nestle, Rolls Royce, Eddie Stobart as well as around 70 NHS hospitals.

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It’s all about the Food

We have the technology, but we know first and foremost, the food has got to taste great with the key to Bon Appetit’s success being it’s varied and great tasting menu

Over 40 delicious food items to choose from:

  • 85% of the food products classified as ‘healthier choices’ as defined by the NHS mandate, CQUINS.
  • 25% of the food products are vegetarian choices, with a good selection of vegan, gluten free and dairy free meals.
  • All dietary needs are catered for with a range of halal food options.

As the food is key to our service, a FREE tasting is available to prospective clients to enable the food to be assessed for taste, quality and variety

Contact us to arrange a FREE TASTING for your company

Corporate Responsibility

Carbon Neutral Scheme

Bon Appetit understand that our business activities require energy and expend CO2. That is why we have partnered with UNA Eastbourne tree planting project in Uganda. The scheme helps offset Bon Appetit’s carbon footprint through highly effective carbon reduction schemes.

More information can be found at

Packaging & Reducing Waste

Bon Appetit has ended it’s use of plastic flow wraps and now uses recyclable cardboard packaging, while also offering non plastic cutlery to reduce single use plastic.

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